Part 1 Section F.4. Data Analytics データアナリティクス


  • Descriptive analytics
    • “What happen?”
  • Diagnostic analytics
    • “Why did it happen?”
  • Predictive analytics
    • “What is likely to happen?”
  • Prescriptive analytics
    • “What needs to happen?”

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Data
    • facts, figures
  • Information
    • data that has been processed, analyzed, interpreted, organized, and put into context such as in a report
  • Knowledge
    • the theoretical or practical understanding of something
  • Insight
    • a deep and clear understanding of a complex situation

Data Mining

Steps in Data Mining

  1. Understand the purpose of the project
  2. Select the dataset to be used
  3. Explore, clean, and preprocess the data
  4. Reduce the data dimension if needed
  5. Determine the data mining task
  6. Partition the data
  7. Select the data mining techniques to use
  8. Use algorithms to perform the task
  9. Interpret the result of the algorithm
  10. Deploy the model